Download Second Life update

12 07 2007

Today’s the first time I’ve tried to go on Second Life since 14 June so, of course, I get the message that I need to download a new version of Second Life. And the installer fails:

The Second Life auto-update has failed.
The problem may be caused by other software installed
on your computer, such as a firewall.
Please visit
to download the latest version of Second Life.


Virtual Worlds Forum, October 2007

11 07 2007

New Media Knowledge‘s London events are excellent, it was a shame to hear about the recent fire at their premises. Their newsletter today included information on their involvement in the forthcoming Virtual Worlds Forum.

NMK is delighted to announce that it is supporting the first Virtual Worlds Forum Europe. As you will see this is a highly impressive event with a prestigious line-up of speakers, extensive programme, an exhibition plus hands-on workshops.
What you can expect from the Forum:
* A one-stop meeting point for the European and international virtual worlds community, covering all aspects of this emerging sector in an information-packed two day programme
* Over 60 industry leading speakers discussing cutting-edge topics in this market-driven agenda.
* Comprehensive coverage of both enterprise virtual worlds and the consumer/branding perspective.
* A place for you to debate, network and do real business with the key players in the industry
* Hands-on workshops with industry insiders offering practical advice.

Star Trek Museum of Science website

28 06 2007

One of the first Second Life museums I visited was the Star Trek Museum of Science. I didn’t get long to look around it (probably less than 10 minutes), although it has left me with my avatar eating popcorn that I haven’t managed to stop yet.

Star Trek Museum of Science website

Sabri Piccard of the Museum has left a comment [I want to link straight to the comment but I can’t work out how to do that in WordPress], pointing us to the excellent Star Trek Museum of Science website that provides tons of information on the project.

From Sabri’s comment:

The aims of the Star Trek Museum of Science are to promote greater awareness of the Star Trek universe among the general public, promote the study of the scientific and engineering technologies found in Star Trek and encourage interest in the real-life physics, astronomy, information technology and other sciences that are the foundation of those technologies. So, other than having fun, we hope folks learn something too at the museum!

Richard Urban on

26 06 2007

During Friday’s UK Museums and the Web conference, Mike Ellis mentioned his preference for over Second Life. I’ve never tried and I’ll try and find time to have a look at it, but, to be honest it’s hard enough finding time to look at Second Life. homepage

Helpfully, Richard Urban, co-author with Mike Twidale on the Museums and the Web Second Life paper, has just posted on Musematic about his first look at

WordPress profile picture

26 06 2007

JonSun Spitteler avatar imageI’ve created a JonSun Spitteler profile picture that will be used by WordPress when (or if ever) I leave a comment on another WordPress blog while using this profile. I used the banner image from above and used the WordPress cropping tool to crop the image.

This is also the first image I’ve used that is being hosted by WordPress. Previous images have been hosted on a third party server or used straight from Flickr using their excellent blogging tools. WordPress will host up to 50MB of files (images/videos) on their free service and you can pay for more.

Mike Twidale at the UK Museums and Web conference

25 06 2007

Last Friday I saw Mike Twidale speak at Web Adept in Leicester – the UK’s Museums and Web mini-conference. Fresh and New, Electronic Museums, Open Objects and Brian Kelly all have coverage of the rest of the conference.

UK Museums and Web conference

UK Museums and Web conference, originally uploaded by new folder.

Mike spoke about the same experiences covered in his paper on Second Life and Museums delivered for this year’s international Museums and the Web Conference. It was a shame that time constraints only allowed for the briefest coverage (most of the day’s talks were stuck in the no man’s land between being an introduction for the total beginner and unrevealing for those with an interest in the topic).

Mike gave a quick rundown of some of the most interesting Second Life ‘museum experiences’ he and his fellow researchers had come across. Hopefully I’ll find the time to have a look at them, the list was (not including any already covered on this blog):

  • SploLand (related to San Francisco Exploratorium)
  • Bolinas Art Museum
  • Artsplace (using public domain items from the Smithsonian)
  • Second Life Historical Museum
  • Paris 1900
  • Jewish Historical Centre
  • Xibalda (a Mayan Museum)
  • Virtual Morocco (possibly created by the Moroccan tourist board)
  • Museum of Antiquity
  • New Globe

A Second Life for Your Museum: 3D Multi-User Virtual Environments and Museums

20 06 2007

Richard Urban and Michael Twidale produced this academic paper for the 2007 Museums and the Web Conference – A Second Life for Your Museum: 3D Multi-User Virtual Environments and Museums.


The paper gives an overview of some of the museum-like activities currently being undertaken in Second Life. Current development is mainly in the hands of pioneers, often interested amateurs engaging in serious leisure to create spaces enabling them to share their interests with others. These efforts are explored in this paper through a systematic analysis of museum visits and a qualitative analysis of interviews with designers and developers of museums in Second Life. Findings identified include the impact of the current technology on what is created, and the importance of interaction-centric designs.