Mike Twidale at the UK Museums and Web conference

25 06 2007

Last Friday I saw Mike Twidale speak at Web Adept in Leicester – the UK’s Museums and Web mini-conference. Fresh and New, Electronic Museums, Open Objects and Brian Kelly all have coverage of the rest of the conference.

UK Museums and Web conference

UK Museums and Web conference, originally uploaded by new folder.

Mike spoke about the same experiences covered in his paper on Second Life and Museums delivered for this year’s international Museums and the Web Conference. It was a shame that time constraints only allowed for the briefest coverage (most of the day’s talks were stuck in the no man’s land between being an introduction for the total beginner and unrevealing for those with an interest in the topic).

Mike gave a quick rundown of some of the most interesting Second Life ‘museum experiences’ he and his fellow researchers had come across. Hopefully I’ll find the time to have a look at them, the list was (not including any already covered on this blog):

  • SploLand (related to San Francisco Exploratorium)
  • Bolinas Art Museum
  • Artsplace (using public domain items from the Smithsonian)
  • Second Life Historical Museum
  • Paris 1900
  • Jewish Historical Centre
  • Xibalda (a Mayan Museum)
  • Virtual Morocco (possibly created by the Moroccan tourist board)
  • Museum of Antiquity
  • New Globe