Star Trek Museum of Science website

28 06 2007

One of the first Second Life museums I visited was the Star Trek Museum of Science. I didn’t get long to look around it (probably less than 10 minutes), although it has left me with my avatar eating popcorn that I haven’t managed to stop yet.

Star Trek Museum of Science website

Sabri Piccard of the Museum has left a comment [I want to link straight to the comment but I can’t work out how to do that in WordPress], pointing us to the excellent Star Trek Museum of Science website that provides tons of information on the project.

From Sabri’s comment:

The aims of the Star Trek Museum of Science are to promote greater awareness of the Star Trek universe among the general public, promote the study of the scientific and engineering technologies found in Star Trek and encourage interest in the real-life physics, astronomy, information technology and other sciences that are the foundation of those technologies. So, other than having fun, we hope folks learn something too at the museum!