Dresden Gallery

14 06 2007

I only just had time to have a look at the Dresden Gallery, I wish I’d come here earlier on. This looked like a good comparison for a typical British Victorian art gallery. Not certain that it is based on a real gallery but I presume it is.

There are lots of rooms inside a very grand building with courtyard. The art is very detailed and you can right-click on paintings for more information. I sat down in one room to look at the art.Sitting down in Dresden Gallery

It’s easy to imagine the any UK gallery laid out like this.

Another room of the Dresden Gallery

Just found their website, with this information:

Visit one of the world’s most famous museums, the Old Masters Picture Gallery of the Dresden State Art Collections. There you can view great masterpieces of key importance for the history of art, such as Raphael’s “Sistine Madonna” or Giorgione’s “Sleeping Venus”.

All the rooms of the museum have been reconstructed true to scale on the “Dresden Gallery” island in Second Life ® and all 750 masterpieces in the permanent exhibition are on display.


Vincent van Gogh and Starry Night

14 06 2007

Top of the search results for museum was Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night Island. There was no-one there and for some reason I had a green smoke coming out of my avatar.Starry Night.

I got talking to one of the owners:

[6:29] You: hello
[6:29] Milan Brynner: hi
[6:29] You: You own this place?
[6:29] Milan Brynner: with others, yes
[6:29] You: I work for a UK museum and I am spending some time looking round Second Life for research
[6:30] Milan Brynner: to see if there’s opportunities?
[6:30] Milan Brynner: or just to get a general picture
[6:30] You: At this stage it’s certainly only to get a general picture
[6:31] Milan Brynner smiles
[6:31] You: We sometimes get asked if we have thought about ‘doing anything’ with Second Life
[6:31] Milan Brynner: I think there’s a great new challenge to museums in 3D environments
[6:31] Milan Brynner: lots of possibilities to present art in a new way
[6:31] Milan Brynner: add experience
[6:31] You: what do you mean by new way?
[6:31] Milan Brynner: well, for instance how we do it here
[6:32] Milan Brynner: put the colorfull works of Van Gogh in a night view
[6:32] Milan Brynner: instead of on a white wall
[6:32] Milan Brynner: not to mention the 3D paintings
[6:32] You: I haven’t seen the 3d paintings yet
[6:32] You: I need to have a look round
[6:33] Milan Brynner: so, all in all I think it’s very exciting to work with art here
[6:33] Milan Brynner: a new approach
[6:33] Milan Brynner: even getting the intrest of a new audience
[6:33] Milan Brynner: ppl who don’t like museums RL
[6:33] Milan Brynner: but certainly enjoy the art as it is presented here
[6:34] You: One of my biggest concerns is that the audience will be quite narrow in Second Life
[6:34] Milan Brynner: SL is only the beginning
[6:34] Milan Brynner: we’re about to make the transition from 2D to 3D onoine environments
[6:34] You: Yes, I suppose so
[6:34] Milan Brynner: *online
[6:35] Milan Brynner: Gardner Research predicted that by 2011, 80% of the internpopulation will in fact be active in a3D world
[6:35] You: Sorry, I feel rude just wandering off and looking round while I talk to you!

I think it might have been rude to walk away while talking as Milan Brynner stopped talking to me at this point. It could have been because I was still eating popcorn from the Star Trek museum.

There was also a shop where you could buy sunflowers and Van Gogh t-shirts (for your avatar).
Starry Night shop

Upstairs in the Flowers Expo –
Flowers expo in Vincent's Starry Night

VodPod added to blog

14 06 2007

Got distracted again and added the video link on the right side of the blog. This is populated with Second Life videos from Google Video and YouTube.

Got distracted and added banner

14 06 2007

I created the banner for the blog in Photoshop. It’s a picture of JonSun on William Brown Street.

Eating popcorn and watching a film

14 06 2007

Eating popcorn
You can pick up objects and ‘use’ them. In the image above I’m in the cinema room of the Star Trek museum and I have picked up popcorn and I’m eating it. I can’t work out how to control the camera so that you can see me doing this. It’s a very small amount of fun to eat the popcorn.

Also, the film won’t start.

Engaging in conversation on Orientation Island

14 06 2007

Engaging in conversation on Orientation IslandThere were five or six other people on the first island, Orientation Island. I think I’d have usually just ignored them but in the interests of EP day I engaged them in a fascinating conversation. You can copy the transcript from the history, eg:

[3:11] You: hello
[3:11] Yasu Riederer: my fast secand life
[3:11] You: same here
[3:11] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: same
[3:11] You: I’m experimenting with it for work
[3:12] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: i’m cuorious for chatting
[3:12] Yasu Riederer: ?
[3:12] Yasu Riederer: sory
[3:13] You: I work for a museum and lots of people keep asking us when we are going to use Second Life! I’m very sceptical, so I thought I should find out more about it.
[3:13] Yasu Riederer: sory
[3:14] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: museum cool but i don’t know if this is a good program or not
[3:14] You: It hasn’t been easy to start up and register, it’s took a bit of time to get going
[3:14] You: It gets a lot of hype
[3:15] Bona Barthelmess: what is the purpose of second life?
[3:15] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: it’s difficult to register and to understand what u can do
[3:15] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: the purpose i think is to meet people ad a chat
[3:16] You: My worry is that it is just a glorified chatroom, but claims are made for it being a lot more
[3:18] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: yes i think but there is only the orientation island maybe there are other island in which u can talk with other people for example to work etc..
[3:18] Visit Help Island, Click for Landmark: Bona, a landmark window just opened on your screen. Click the ‘Teleport’ button to travel to Help Island where volunteers are waiting to assist you. Please note you will be unable to return to this Orientation Island.
[3:18] You: I have just got a message telling me to Visit Help Island so I am going to try that. See you later

I presume the times are Second Life time.

Change your own appearance

14 06 2007

Your first option is to change your avatar‘s appearance. You can change tons of stuff – clothes, eyes, haircolour, body size, height, weight, etc.

I figured this was probably somewhere I could waste a lot of time so I just gave myself a big head.

Changing head on Second Life