About JonSun Spitteler

‘JonSun Spitteler in Second Life’ began as a liveblog created to document a one day project for National Museums Liverpool ‘A Beginner’s Look at Second Life and WordPress’.

In six hours, the blog was created (easy), Second Life was downloaded, installed and registered (a pain) and the first twenty posts were added, documenting the day.

This didn’t leave much opportunity for looking round Second Life itself. I got into a couple of conversations and briefly saw a couple of ‘museum experiences’ but it would be hard to draw any strong conclusions from the day.

I’m going to continue updating it whenever I find the time to look at Second Life or come across anything online relating to museums and 3D virtual worlds.


2 responses

15 06 2007

Interesting read. Like the look of WordPress, although having to add times in yourself’s a bit of a faff.

Interesting to see your trip round Second Life, although I’m not sure if I’d ever choose to spend much time there myself – would much rather be in a real art gallery. Even the free Star Trek stuff didn’t tempt my inner nerd (and it’s the Enterprise by the way). The only part I’d be interested in is walking round the Van Gogh paintings., that looked like fun. Interesting to see the merchandise – even in a virtual world the blatant commercialisation of his work persists.

I suppose if a younger generation are hooked then if they become familiar with art galleries like Dresden online they might make the effort to see the real thing one day. It did look pretty empty in there though – I assume there are other distractions in Second Life so the virtual galleries face the same problems as real ones in attracting visitors.

Interesting that they do potentially cater for both the existing museum audiences like myself with the Van Goghs and potential newcomers.

25 06 2007

You don’t necessarily have to add the times of blog posts yourself, it’s just the template that I’m using that’s left the times out.

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