Museums in Second Life google group

17 07 2007

The Museums in Second Life google group is a mailing list with 79 members. As well as the mailing list, they hold meetings in Second Life and hold tours of venues.

With all the members in different time zones, organising meeting times that suit everyone is impossible. I thought I’d go along to their latest meeting yesterday, even though it began at 6pm (GMT), 30 minutes before our building closes.

Finding the meeting involved following an SLURL (hypertext link that opens at a location in Second Life) to the meeting venue, the UIUC-GSLIS parcel in Cybrary City II (no idea what that means). There were six or seven people already at the meeting when I arrived, seated on piles of books in a semi-circle.

Attending meetings for the first time in Second Life can be just as awkward as it is normally. I didn’t know how to sit down and spent ages messing round before working out that right-clicking on a pile of books would give me several options including ‘Sit’.

This left me sitting down, facing away from the group. I also noticed that I was still eating the popcorn. After several attempts at standing up and sitting down I managed to face in vaguely the right direction and concentrate on the conversation.

Museums in Second Life meeting, July 2007

A transcript of the meeting has been added to the google group. Before I had to leave we barely had time to introduce ourselves (clockwise round the semi-circle). Looking at the transcript today I see that discussions included scheduling of meetings, the creation of a map showing the locations of Second Life museums, potential locations to visit, evaluation methods, US funding for projects and, finally, how to tag photos and related documents (I think ‘slmuseums’ was the choice here but I’m not positive).




2 responses

17 07 2007
Richard Urban

Hi Jon,

Yes we agreed to use SLMuseums for tags on Flickr and other tagging tools. Thanks for posting your pics!

I keep meaning to go out and look for documentation about “chairs” to see if there is something you are supposed to do to Prims to make avis sit correctly. I know some more complex chairs seem to get you oriented without having to think about it.

Parcel names are limited to a certain number of characters, when visiting you can select “About Land” to learn more about what’s there, including a better description of places like The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Graduate School of Library and Information Science. 🙂

18 07 2007

Thanks for the info Richard. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer at the meeting but I’ve found the transcript useful.

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