Creating museum content and community in Second Life

12 07 2007

It’s mentioned as a link in the previous post, but Robert Rothfarb and Paul Doherty’s paper for the Museums and the Web conference ‘Creating museum content and community in Second Life‘ deserves its own blog post. Here’s the summary:

Brick-and-mortar interactive science centers offer fun and educational experiences for visitors of every age. But in a virtual world, many of the constraints of the real world can be overcome, offering experiences that transcend reality. Exploratorium staff members have created just such a space in the massively multi-user, three-dimensional world of Second Life. In the virtual museum called the ‘Splo, we’ve been experimenting with the social, contextual, and educational possibilities of a world in which people can fly through the solar system, scan their own bodies, and change gravity so they can bounce off walls. In mixed-reality events which combine live media programs with the virtual world, visitors can watch a solar eclipse while sitting next to someone on the other side of the earth. What does this mean for other museums interested in creating their own virtual environments? In this paper, we share our own experiences, and offer some thoughts and recommendations.

‘Splo MuseumThere’s clearly a lot of high-quality work and research gone into this.




One response

12 07 2007

This has been a really interesting blog – Second Life by proxy (too many hoops of reality there…) You don’t sound overly enthusiastic about anything you’ve seen or done though, and the download palaver would put me off full stop. Doesn’t seem to have the immediacy you’d expect. Have you found anything that justifies the faffing round you’ve had to do? Would you go backfor a another try?

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