Vincent van Gogh and Starry Night

14 06 2007

Top of the search results for museum was Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night Island. There was no-one there and for some reason I had a green smoke coming out of my avatar.Starry Night.

I got talking to one of the owners:

[6:29] You: hello
[6:29] Milan Brynner: hi
[6:29] You: You own this place?
[6:29] Milan Brynner: with others, yes
[6:29] You: I work for a UK museum and I am spending some time looking round Second Life for research
[6:30] Milan Brynner: to see if there’s opportunities?
[6:30] Milan Brynner: or just to get a general picture
[6:30] You: At this stage it’s certainly only to get a general picture
[6:31] Milan Brynner smiles
[6:31] You: We sometimes get asked if we have thought about ‘doing anything’ with Second Life
[6:31] Milan Brynner: I think there’s a great new challenge to museums in 3D environments
[6:31] Milan Brynner: lots of possibilities to present art in a new way
[6:31] Milan Brynner: add experience
[6:31] You: what do you mean by new way?
[6:31] Milan Brynner: well, for instance how we do it here
[6:32] Milan Brynner: put the colorfull works of Van Gogh in a night view
[6:32] Milan Brynner: instead of on a white wall
[6:32] Milan Brynner: not to mention the 3D paintings
[6:32] You: I haven’t seen the 3d paintings yet
[6:32] You: I need to have a look round
[6:33] Milan Brynner: so, all in all I think it’s very exciting to work with art here
[6:33] Milan Brynner: a new approach
[6:33] Milan Brynner: even getting the intrest of a new audience
[6:33] Milan Brynner: ppl who don’t like museums RL
[6:33] Milan Brynner: but certainly enjoy the art as it is presented here
[6:34] You: One of my biggest concerns is that the audience will be quite narrow in Second Life
[6:34] Milan Brynner: SL is only the beginning
[6:34] Milan Brynner: we’re about to make the transition from 2D to 3D onoine environments
[6:34] You: Yes, I suppose so
[6:34] Milan Brynner: *online
[6:35] Milan Brynner: Gardner Research predicted that by 2011, 80% of the internpopulation will in fact be active in a3D world
[6:35] You: Sorry, I feel rude just wandering off and looking round while I talk to you!

I think it might have been rude to walk away while talking as Milan Brynner stopped talking to me at this point. It could have been because I was still eating popcorn from the Star Trek museum.

There was also a shop where you could buy sunflowers and Van Gogh t-shirts (for your avatar).
Starry Night shop

Upstairs in the Flowers Expo –
Flowers expo in Vincent's Starry Night




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23 07 2007
JonSun Spitteler in Second Life

[…] 23 07 2007 Starry Starry Night machinima Via Musematic, this video shows the building of a 3D version of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ in Second Life. I don’t think it has any relation to the Starry night museum I visited. […]

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