Star Trek Museum of Science

14 06 2007

I searched for ‘Museum’ in places and one of the results with ‘most traffic’ (no idea what this is based on) was the Star Trek Museum of Science.Star Trek Museum

This was a lot neater than the Goldsmiths degree show and it was clear a lot of work had gone into it. There were a lot of rooms (I’m pretty sure it was on board whatever the Star Trek spaceship is called) and it was easy to walk around. There was one person there but they ignored my questions..

The museum had interactives and seemed to be displaying a mixture of real and science-fiction-phoney science. You could hover and fly around a 3d star map. There was a 3d planet thing showing a ‘Star Trek universe’.

Star Trek Universe

In the chemistry room there was a laptop that you could click and leave a message for Sabri Piccard. I presume this is a person who is regularly in the room/made it/will show you round.

Leave a message

I didn’t leave a message.

The more you explore it there is lots of stuff – videos, journals, diagrams. The wall below has programs you can download onto your desktop.

Wall with programs to download




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27 06 2007
Sabri Piccard

Many thanks for the blog on my Museum. Sorry I wasn’t there to greet you but I’d been away in The Hague for a two-week conference and only got back over the weekend. Please feel free to IM me next time you’re around and I’ll be happy to take you on a personal tour 🙂

The aims of the Star Trek Museum of Science are to promote greater awareness of the Star Trek universe among the general public, promote the study of the scientific and engineering technologies found in Star Trek and encourage interest in the real-life physics, astronomy, information technology and other sciences that are the foundation of those technologies. So, other than having fun, we hope folks learn something too at the museum! You’ll find out more at

28 06 2007
Star Trek Museum of Science website « JonSun Spitteler in Second Life

[…] first Second Life museums I visited was the Star Trek Museum of Science. I didn’t get long to look around it (probably less than 10 minutes), although it has left me with my avatar eating popcorn that I […]

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