Engaging in conversation on Orientation Island

14 06 2007

Engaging in conversation on Orientation IslandThere were five or six other people on the first island, Orientation Island. I think I’d have usually just ignored them but in the interests of EP day I engaged them in a fascinating conversation. You can copy the transcript from the history, eg:

[3:11] You: hello
[3:11] Yasu Riederer: my fast secand life
[3:11] You: same here
[3:11] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: same
[3:11] You: I’m experimenting with it for work
[3:12] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: i’m cuorious for chatting
[3:12] Yasu Riederer: ?
[3:12] Yasu Riederer: sory
[3:13] You: I work for a museum and lots of people keep asking us when we are going to use Second Life! I’m very sceptical, so I thought I should find out more about it.
[3:13] Yasu Riederer: sory
[3:14] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: museum cool but i don’t know if this is a good program or not
[3:14] You: It hasn’t been easy to start up and register, it’s took a bit of time to get going
[3:14] You: It gets a lot of hype
[3:15] Bona Barthelmess: what is the purpose of second life?
[3:15] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: it’s difficult to register and to understand what u can do
[3:15] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: the purpose i think is to meet people ad a chat
[3:16] You: My worry is that it is just a glorified chatroom, but claims are made for it being a lot more
[3:18] Ic3dH34rt Flanagan: yes i think but there is only the orientation island maybe there are other island in which u can talk with other people for example to work etc..
[3:18] Visit Help Island, Click for Landmark: Bona, a landmark window just opened on your screen. Click the ‘Teleport’ button to travel to Help Island where volunteers are waiting to assist you. Please note you will be unable to return to this Orientation Island.
[3:18] You: I have just got a message telling me to Visit Help Island so I am going to try that. See you later

I presume the times are Second Life time.




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