11.33 – Annotations, Goldsmiths Degree Show

14 06 2007

I could spend all day just finding out how Second Life works and reporting back on the blog but I’m impatient for something resembling the museum experience. I bookmarked a BBC article a couple of weeks about Goldsmiths art college holding their degree show simultaneously in the Old Truman Brewery and in Second Life.

Of course the BBC don’t bother to give any decent external link with the story so I have to google around to try and find out how to access it. A Goldsmiths press release gives the following advice:

‘just search for “Annotations” and teleport yourself there’

For the first time today, something is as simple as it seems.

The degree show is in a small room and you quickly get a good feeling for being in that room. I get the idea that it is probably pretty similar.

Degree show
I think it’s a good attempt but for 3d it’s got a very 2d feel. You can see the artworks on the wall and objects have been created to resemble the sculptures but you can’t look at them properly.

Degree show

In Second Life you can interact with objects by clicking on them. There didn’t appear to be any interactivity in this room.

I wanted to use video capture to give you the best idea of the experience of being in the room but I wouldn’t have time or the equipment to do that today.

The room had some sort of sound installation.

Degree show




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